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Purple rose pedals danced around the floors of Addicted 2 Fame’s studio. The night was still young and lavender aroma filled the air as guests poured in for RnBae’s second showcase in Miami. Cotton candy was spun and drinks were poured as hosts RawkC and Opium of the OhRawkCShow greeted guests as they gazed up at the art pieces on the wall from #ArtofBae and Brodie. Fog filled the room and the lights dimmed as performers Simone Bisous, The Loft, Ari Chi and Manu Manzo took the stage putting on a show Miami has never seen before. See, good R&B is hard to find, but DJ Spinelli kept it going throughout the night mixing old school and new school creating a vibe never felt before.

Simone Bisous took the stage first performing tracks from her latest release “Bisous.” The crowd swayed along as she twirled her purple silk robe around and dropped it low in her black leotard and fishnet stockings.

The Loft took things up a notch performing with a live band. Smoke filled the room while he got personal with the crowd during “Want” a favorite of Miami’s. Purple lights flashed as the band played into the night leaving the crowd wanting more.

Tampa’s Ari Chi brought her ukulele on stage for a pure treat last night and she didn’t disappoint. The songstress played personal favorites “Sugar Rush” and a cover of Desiigner’s “Timmy Turner” and the crowd went wild. She strummed her ukuleleĀ as the purple lights shinned through creating a curvy silhouette anyone would die for.

Lastly, Manu Manzo ended the night in grace as her live band showed support to her amazing vocals. She sung from her highly-favored EP “Como Soy” along with a Drake- Shot For Me cover that everyone sung along to. Manu was the perfect end to a night filled with love, cotton candy, and R&B music.

Stay updated with RnBae on socials for announcements of the next showcase.

Photos by Marcia Tucker


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