RnBae Showcase February 2017

I usually don’t get personal with these recaps, but February’s edition was truly special. My team and I have been growing this platform for R&B and alternative artists for months. I would say slowly but surely, but that would be a lie. We’ve grown quick. Extremely week. From maybe 75 people in a former dance studio in Midtown Miami to now almost 200 people in the heart of Wynwood in a matter of only a few shows. We bring out lovers of R&B, dancers, A&Rs, songwriters, supporters, fans, baes, couples, and even a few times kids (don’t ask) but everyone truly loves the vibe we put on, I mean, it’s called “where bae comes to vibe” for a reason right?

This showcase brought out two personal friends of mine and now an artist I’m a true fan of: Dyne Edyne, Marcel, and Savannah Cristina. Each artist brought energy to the stage, an ambiance unduplicated and an aura that was felt from the front of the stage to those crowded at the door that couldn’t quite fit inside. The genre? R&B and soul. Two of the most sampled genres in music and two of the most unappreciated in 2017.

While each artist took the stage and each DJ played their set, they grabbed the audience’s attention and that is what I appreciated the most. Every month, we’re bringing a new set of talent, new DJs and new baes (the old ones are still good though) to the showcase and we’re excited for you to share the experience with us.

This is where bae comes to vibe.

Photos by Kovalski Jacques

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