RnBae Showcase March 2017

Video by: @GirlMeetsFilm

RnBae is where bae comes to vibe. Every month, we provide a showcase solely for local and indie R&B singers. Because Miami is run by EDM, Latin music and rap is now getting a voice, there’s no room for R&B singers. Except now. Flower crowns, cotton candy, baes and R&B music are on us. Come vibe.

This month, we brought the baes and the feels to Gramps Wynwood to celebrate new music from Miami’s Storee and Ronnie VOP and Tampa’s Titus Tucker. Storee kicked off the show with a few new tracks and her crowd favorite, Dark Liquor, that was featured on last week’s Cool and Collected playlist. Her purple braids swung in the air while the crowd vibed with her performance. Titus took it up a notch by giving the ladies a quick warm up with his guitar and a cover of Drake’s “Jungle.” Lastly, Ronnie filled the stage with a full band and got to work. He gave roses to a few special baes and after a serenade session with Cris, the Collective’s owner, things got real. His performance truly set the bar for the RnBaeShowcase and will always go down in history. We even witnessed a few baes in flower crowns singing along.

Join us next month for a new set of artist, but the same feels.

Photos by Kovalski J



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