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Listen, when it comes to showing love to R&B, it comes easy to us, but when it comes to showing love to women, it comes even easier. At our June RnBae Showcase, we were lucky enough to have all women grace the stage for the first time and it did nothing but set the mood for the drive home, show that women in R&B are still coveted and its safe the say some of the guys went home with a new crush.

Melody Reyne, ViiE and Aleicia Nicole took the stage to give one of the best shows we’ve had thus far. Each artist displayed range, grace and style as they either debuted new music for the crowd, or performed a cover for everyone to sing along with. The crowd was full of couples on a date night and a few singles that we saw left with someone new. JordanThonio kept the vibes going all night long throwing it back with some classics and our hosts Rawck and Tony of the OhRawkCShow kept us laughing in between breaks. Red Bull came through with free cans of their new acai berry flavored Red Bull along with a DJ booth that shimmered under the purple lights. Whether you left with a bae or not (we sure didn’t) this June showcase was one for the books.

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