In 2016, I thought I was crazy for leaving a full time marketing job to work on  passion project. The love for R&B had much to do with it, but the fact that Miami’s scene lacked support for the genre is where the fire came from. After losing two venues, DJs, a flower crown vendor, I gained a team, a full bar, a stage, sponsors and support I would have never imagined. This year, RnBae Collective was able to book over 40 artists, sell over 1,300 tickets and make hundreds of free flower crowns for baes. We’re nothing without the community’s support and we are forever grateful and couldn’t leave 2017 without a celebration. 

This past Thursday, we celebrated one year RnBaeVersary party at Gramps Wynwood and was one for the books. With over 500 people slow dancing in the crowd, shots of Jack Daniels in hands and flower crowns in hair, the night couldn’t get any better. Special thanks to Jack Daniels, Red Bull, DJ Illusion, D Jane and Juanny Depp for holding it down for us. Here’s to the transformation of R&B in 2017 and love spread in 2018.

Listen to our best of 2017 cool and collected playlist and our last RnBae radio show of the year

Photos by Marcia Tucker

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