Whether you believe in a God or not, Sam Smith’s second studio album The Thrill of It All is gospel. I remember the last time I went to church. I was dressed in an uncomfortable satin dress and shiny heels awaiting to sit in a row full of people asking me to pay money in a basket because it’s something I’m “supposed to do.” I felt pressured to reach into my Barbie purse and pull out the left over change from the ice cream I bought the day before as the Preacher continued to deliver the sermon I didn’t relate to. In The Thrill Of It all, Sam Smith conveys a similar message revealing his relationship with Church, coming out, along with the love stories that happens to the most of us that we rather not talk about. Sam Smith tells all starting with a Goodbye.

The UK singer’s project comes in two versions with the original sitting at ten tracks while the special edition adds an extra choir and four more tracks to complete the story told. The lead single Too Good At Goodbyes leads the heavily gospel influenced album sympathizing with those who feel break ups are the least of their worries. The project goes on to Say It First, a cry for a precious “I love you” first along with Burning that easily depicts a visual of flames engulfing you as the piano plays while you watch your lover walk out of the church.

The Thrill Of It All similarly plays with the line of R&B, Pop and Gospel as Daniel Caesar’s Freudian released earlier in the year. Sam Smith allows the choir in each of his songs to bring a powerful essence and importance of the “background vocal.” The strength in the choir backing each track effortlessly turns your bedroom into the Service you’ve been avoiding for the past ten years. In HIM, he shatters the misconception that your sexuality rules your relationship with HIM. He sings the story of a boy coming out to his Savior but also allowing self-acknowledgement that he can not he changed and asks for acceptance. The “background vocal” chimes in on this single as well joining both point of views for a powerful turn in his album.

Holy Father, judge my sins
I’m not afraid of what they will bring
I’m not the boy that you thought you wanted
I love him

In all, Sam Smith’s The Thrill of It All is a masterpiece. He flexes his vocal range throughout the album proving that control in your voice is key to delivering a message through a song. Stand out tracks on this project include Nothing Left For You, Too Good At Goodbyes, Burning,  The Trill Of It all, Him, and Pray. The project includes one duet with YEBBA on No Peace that paints the picture of a effortless back and forth is sleepless nights and the fight for peace. In The Thrill Of It All gives the homosexual believer in God a shining white light in love, acceptance, and church.


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