Miami’s iiiPoints Music Festival is nothing like the average festival. At most festivals, the main attraction is the star-studded line up. We usually decide if we’re going to liquidate our savings by the top 3 headliners the flyer can buy our soul with. While iiiPoint’s SZA, Tyler The Creator, ASAP Rocky and Erykah Badu are definitely worth blowing our savings on, it was the activations and installations that truly made us fall in love with the festival.

Throughout the festival grounds lied the usual: stages, food, and liquor. We partied, we ate, we drank, but we also experienced. The grassroots festival is most keen on allowing its guests to not only enjoy the basic needs of a festival, but to interact and experience art as they never had before. This year’s installations included the chillest lounge on a bus by WeedMaps, the most spectacular light show by Max Cooper and Architecture Social Club, and the Slow Dance Room we curated.

Our Slow Dance room was tucked away in the corner towards the Heineken set up and the bathrooms. Only the baes who wandered through every nook of the festival were able to find the room, and once it was discovered, they poured in. Laced in pink walls and art by Strangeways Magazine, the slow dance room was a vibe. The mood was set daily by Miami’s finest DJs and was perfect to get away from the madness of the festival. Here, you could slow dance to the selection of R&B, make out with your bae, or enjoy the art.

Special thanks to our Djs, Say3Beats, Prom King, EsDotP, D Jane, Dj Kramer, CoffinTexts, and GotNow, Triangles for blessing the baes with curated R&B sets throughout the duration of our installation. Most importantly, thank you to Strangeways Magazine for making the Slow Dance Room sensual with art and truly a night to remember.

We’ve gathered all of the couples we found around the iiiPoints festival grounds + our slow dance room to give you a taste of the feels felt all weekend.

Photos by Marcia Tucker

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