Ashley Venom, Jake Inphamous and Cristina Jerome gave #TheBaesicks on booking for local talent

There’s no instruction manual on how to be an independent artist. You just have to use your talent, your connections and navigate yourself through the industry and hope you make it. We’re throwing hope out of the window with our informational series, The Baesicks. Here, Ashley Venom of iiiPoints, Jake Inphamous of Trap Circus and […]

We Explored Every Sub genre of R&B at Our Mixed Signals Listening Party

By now, we all know that R&B doesn’t sound as it does since the late 1980s. It carries carries a bit of everything allowing sub-generes to be explored.  At RnBae Collective, we cater to Jazz, hip hop, pop, latin, grime, alternative influences, all of which our presenters brought to the table. Our presenters Bear, Marcel, […]

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