Kehlani Proves You Don’t Need to “Sang” to Deliver R&B in Her Album “It Was All Good Until It Wasn’t”

You Don’t Need to “Sang” to Deliver R&B. Kehlani’s Proves This In Her Second Studio Album “It Was All Good Until It Wasn’t” The music industry is in an extremely weird place right now, but it doesn’t stop money from being made or music from being released. In a traditional music industry marketing model, we’re […]

Listen to #RnBaeRadio episode 006

We are not responsible for any babies made during #RnBaeRadio Vibe out to our 6th episode of RnBae Radio that includes new music from SZA, Jhene Aiko and indie artist Jo Penha. We also go in depth about SZA’s latest album #CTRL and enjoy a mix from NY Dj @DylanTheGypsy. Featured on @1amRadio + @DashRadio […]

Quickies on #MakeLoveMondays Are What Mondays are For

We can admit that Mondays suck. You’re late to work. You didn’t have time to make breakfast. Your clothes are wrinkled and you left bae in bed without that quickie they asked for. While we can’t feed you or iron your clothes, we can give you something to put you in the mood on the […]

Cool and Collected Vol 29

The #CoolandCollected series sets the vibe for the grown and sexy, but mixing in an alternative aura to set the scene. This playlist embodies the sweet nothings of your bae in the comment section of your photo 84 weeks ago. Here, mainstream and underground collide with sweet lullabies enticing you to drop your panties to […]