Our PillowTalk R&B Open Mic Allowed 7 Performers To Share The Essence of R&B

While we’ve put on for the R&B space in Miami for over two years now, there as always felt there was something missing. What’s missing is a stage for talent moving up the ladder and a stage for those just getting started. At our PillowTalk open mics, we provide just that. Many of our performers […]

#PantyDrop: Where Bae Comes to Vibe Panties

Your panties are either the first or the last thing to go in the midst of a freak session, so why not make sure you’re sporting some cute ones?  We’re officially making what’s inside your pants a place where bae comes to vibe. Our Where Bae Comes To Vibe will be the first of many […]

Cool and Collected Vol 34

  The #CoolandCollected series sets the vibe for the grown and sexy, but mixing in an alternative aura to set the scene. This playlist embodies the sweet nothings of your bae in the comment section of your photo 84 weeks ago. Here, mainstream and underground collide with sweet lullabies enticing you to drop your panties […]

We Poured Remy Martin All Night at May’s RnBae Showcase

      Video by @GirlMeetsFilm Every month, RnBae Showcase invites baes to Gramps Wynwood to vibe. The floor is dressed in purple and white rose pedals, the stage is lit with purple lighting and R&B throwbacks play softly in the background as baes pour in with flower crowns on their heads. While this showcase […]

Your Bae Looks Good in Purple

Your outfit to RnBae is important. Of course you aren’t required to wear purple, but your bae sure looks good in it. Check out  our March campaign shoot directed by @MiszMarcy that shows that purple looks good on everyone.                      

5 Things to Bring to #RnBaeShowcase

Being at RnBae Showcase is an experience. There’s no place in Miami showing love to local R&B singers and allowing you to relive the 90’s with R&B throwbacks. This is an experience you need to prepare for, trust us. Ask yourself, are you ready to meet bae? Are you ready to lose your voice singing […]