It’s a bit cliche to say knowledge is power, but when it comes to what our local community has to offer, it would be best to soak it all up. In the midst of our usual showcase schedule, we started The Baesicks to give independent local artists a safe space to learn. At our intimate panels, we’re able to discuss the burning questions artists ask in our DMs.  Last month, we chatted about how to get booked at festivals. This month we dove deep into how to get on blogs, radio + navigating pr with speakers Shawn Nelson of Lipstick Royalty Agency, Tony Centeno of 99 Jamz and XXL Magazine and Celia Almeida of Miami New Times.

Five key notes artists took away from the panel include:

  • Always create clean versions of your music for radio purposes
  • Email pitches to writers and editors; stay out of their DMs
  • PR agencies work both on retainer and per project basis. Find out what benefits you.
  • A strong story and quality music will get you much further in life
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH! Find out which outlets align with your brand and pitch adequately

Special thanks to our friends from Deep Eddy Vodka and Red Bull for making this event special!

Video shot and directed by Lizzy 

Photos by Nick Vega

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