It all started with an idea in the shower because I was sick and tired of the oversaturation of Miami’s shitty rap shows.

The fights breaking out in the pit, the stage full of artists and their posse, The DJ shuffling through corrupted mp3s and blowing mid-grade weed smoke into the air was far beyond the Miami underground scene culture, it was havoc.

In all, I was tired of seeing singers get ignored at events stacked with an all rap line up and not getting the attention they deserved. After working with Aleicia Nicole, I learned that R&B does have a place in Miami. While our first show was in a now remodeled dance studio in Midtown and only included maybe 60-70 people, an entire different team, a make-shift bar, and only one microphone, we made an impact in a scene with a genre so easily overlooked.

With growth comes power and with power comes unforeseen Ls. We’ve had several different venues, one of which we were almost kicked out of, a sound guy that was three hours late, no sound guy for a show, an artist drop out, one artist broke the record of fitting seven band members on a tiny stage, handfuls of artists who don’t read emails, broken AC (twice), that one time Angie broke the cotton candy machine, dragging out non-ticketed guests, and more. But it didn’t stop the mission: to give R&B a home in Miami.

After overcoming Ls, because you know, no L is forever, the team has grown into such a well-oiled machine. Although this is the end of “RnBaeShowcase” the indie artists that made the show what it is, will always hold a special place in my heart, even though none of them can read an email. After gaining sponsorships, partners, and investors, its time to make things a little bigger.

The RnBae Collective’s goal is to spread an overlooked genre into highlighted places and will continue to be. I am personally happy to support anything (almost) and anyone pushing the culture forward.

With this, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who was with me in the beginning, to everyone who I’ve rudely dismissed, to everyone booked, our hosts, everyone on the team now, and everyone who just found out about the RnBae Collective. This is the end of a chapter, but I’m not wasting my journalism degree. I’m going to write a book.

THANKS TO: Adam of Gramps Wynwood along with all of the bartenders + security, Addicted 2 Fame studios, Haus of High Rise, Betty from B2Express Studios, “Yes Julz Agency,” Every single DJ I’ve booked, All of the artists that can reply to emails, Ryan and Rick who lead our sound team, my girls, Shayna, Angie, and Fab, House of Dreams Studios, Vivo, KJ, Rawkc and Tony of The Oh RawkC Show, Red Bull, Remy, Manny of Champion, DJ of A Cleverbrain, HIA Entertainment, Swerve, The Wired Heart, Marcia and Dwayne Tucker, Amelia, D’ana, 1am Radio, Dash Radio (sometimes), anyone who has purchased a ticket or merch from us and anyone who has made this passion project become an LLC.


Cris – Founder + HBIC

KJ- Director of Photography

Angie- Office + Music manager

Fab- Guest Relations

Shayna- Creative Director

Rawkc &  Tony – Our hosts of the past 9 months and trouble makers

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