Nothing sucks more than when your favorite artist takes a hiatus. We’re never sure why they do it,  but all we can do is accept it and wait on new music. After South Florida’s The Loft graced the stage in 2016, released projects, Hell Lives Here, Kendall, The Never Ending Pursuit of Happiness and more, we fell in love, only for him to disappear.

The Loft returned late November with “Lonely Boy,” an alternative r&b bop that sets the mood for those in their feelings. Today, we’re blessed with a visual that not only accompanies our sad thoughts, but depicts a creative vision through a film for the single. We gathered our thoughts on the film below, but watch it for yourself and tweet us your thoughts on The Loft’s “Lonely Boy.”


There’s a palpable air of melancholy to be felt in The Loft’s visual for “Lonely Boy.” The Mk Bruix, directed film is sprinkled with abstract depictions of Vice City, and commands immediate attention with its contrasting imagery. The Loft, self-proclaimed Lonely Boy, enters the visual, speeding through Miami streets, female companion at his side. They share a kiss, and she exits the screen to bestow upon him some “fellatio al la calle.”

“This bed is too big for just me”

The visual continues as it cuts to The Loft, sans companion, and out past dark. The discomfort of an unusually empty bed, warrants his aimlessly wandering through Miami. Post breakup, warming up to an empty bed has cost us all some sleepless nights, and the void of a relationship lost, is showcased in his brooding gaze.

“But fuck, at least I’m feeling something”

Gomez sings to his lover of his excessive drug use, almost as a plea to reignite some feeling. Self-medicating, and deflection are apparent themes in this piece.

“All I have is lust”

Even the thrill of a new conquest isn’t enough to smudge the stain of heartbreak, looming over our sweet singer. Even in a small room of seemingly close friends, without the lover he’s pining for, he is alone. A true Lonely Boy.

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