Although #RnBaeShowcase has come to an end, we can’t forget a handful of the magical moments that took place every third Thursday at Gramps Wynwood. Our signature purple stage will not be forgotten, but here are some of our favorite moments from ten months of showcases.


Photo by Marcia Tucker

Ari Chi and her Ukulele

Ari Chi was our first “live band” at RnBaeShowcase. She strolled into sound check with an amp and an unfamiliar “little guitar” that I’ve only seen in Twitter memes regarding jokes about bands. She was well equip to become her own one man band for our second showcase in December and didn’t know what to expect until it was time for her set. I walked in the room to handfuls of people bobbing her head to Ari on stage swinging her hair and strumming her Ukulele to a cover of Desiigner’s Timmy Turner and then I knew, it was lit.

Photo by Kovalski J

Savannah Cristina and her voice

I spent two hours waiting for Savannah Cristina to perform with Twelve’len at his show at Bardot earlier this year. She accompanied him on his album, FRIENDS, but we all know things don’t always sound as great as they seem on Soundcloud. I was just about to give up, but when Twelve’Len introduced her on the mic, I had to stand up to see a small brown-skinned girl with curly hair, who’s glow shined in the very little light Bardot had to offer. Her feature, was nothing less than amazing and again proved that at RnBaeShowcase February gaining a room over 150 people’s love, respect, and a follow.

Photo by Kovalski J

Aymber and Marcel Duo

I pretty much hate anyone on the stage that isn’t booked to perform. It’s a distraction, people are like, what the hell, and most importantly, people are like what the hell. After seeing Aymber and Marcel perform a set at Kulture Miami, I felt that maybe, just maybe, it would be okay. As the purple lights shimmered off Aymber’s guitar and she invited Marcel to join her, there weren’t as many “what the hells” as I expected, but more ooohs and awwws, as they killed their performance.

Photo by Kovalski J

Ronnie VOP and his full band

Trust me, we’re grateful for our space at Gramps Wynwood. Our stage in Shirley’s their back room, is big enough to get done what we need; so I thought. Every band we’ve booked in the past did their best to keep it cute, but Ronnie VOP, he only knows extraordinary. Over the phone, he told me he was bringing a few of his band members, but a few ended up to be a sax player, a guitar, base, drums, keys, and oh wait for it, that sax player whipped out a flute mid-performance. If anyone can spell performance, it’s Ronnie VOP.

Photo by Kovalski J

June’s “girl power” showcase.

I’ve always tried to include a male performance at RnBaeShowcase mainly because someone has to be responsible for getting everyone’s panties wet. For June, it didn’t work out, but all of the ladies put on a hell of a show. The line up included Viie, Aleicia Nicole and Alex Kevay who defined girl power, R&B, and sass with an array of new music, covers and backup dancers.

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