Behind the DJ booth, you’d find Triangles, a Miami-based DJ and producer nodding his head to a psychedelic beat with yellow-tinted sunglasses on, completely ignoring your requests as his set is already made up in his mind. Included, is his latest single featuring Voila Snow, Dynamite, the track that completes your “vibes” playlist. The track starts off with a steady drum pattern, fades off into the distance, then comes back with Snow’s vocals filling in the space in the room between you and guy (or girl) you’ve been eyeing at the bar. Snow stretches her vocals along the beat, leaving you in a trance as you suddenly have the urge to whine your hips to the echoes and the soft back up vocals by Say3Beats. “The track is essentially about embracing your flaws and how you have ​to ​accept ​your ​insecurities ​and ​damage, ​or ​else ​you ​will ​fall ​off ​the ​metaphorical ​cliff,” says Snow in reference to Dynamite which for now, remains as a loosie, but hopefully a part of a bigger project. For now, keep your wine on chill while this song plays softly in the background.

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