One thing we will never get tired of on this site is Native Youth humming on a track. Her feathery voice on a Triangles produced beat is the easily the cure for the case of loneliness you caught a few days before Valentine’s Day. Their latest release titled Sunshine is a fun track with a baseline that hits just hard enough to make your car mirror shake, but Native’s soothing voice gives this track replay value to say the least.

Sunshine is just a tease, only being a little over two minutes long, but it tests Native Youth’s songwriting skills to say as much as she can in short amount of time. Her lyrics below tell a story of a lover who’s on the verge of letting her go. Her lover’s nickname, Sunshine, draws in symbolism tying in her sexuality with the weather. If you ever need another Sunshine Native, let us know. Expect this song to be apart of Triangle’s upcoming project Liquid Love releasing at the end of next month.

For now, tweet us at @RnBaeCollective and let us know how you feel about the track

Will you be my sunshine
Wake up to a sunrise
don’t let me go x3
Don’t let me go x3
Meet me at the end of the rainbow
Show you all the colors you don’t know
Don’t let me go x3
Falling from the sky
Drifting into paradise
See your face turn blue
What did I do to you
Don’t let me go x3
Don’t let me go x3
Blood, sweat, tears
Trust, hate, fear
Don’t let me go x3
Don’t let me go x3

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