Ever since we started our informative panel, the Baesicks, it warms my heart to see so many artists and creatives learn more about their field. Again, there’s no handbook for this and as social media and the digital age continues to change we have to take it into our own hands to stay on top of our game. Through the Baesicks, we shared how to get booked for shows, how to get on blogs + the radio and during November’s installation, we dove deep into how to secure the bag.

Since money seems to be something we never want to talk about, we decided to open the floor and allow artists and creatives to further their careers through vital information provided by professionals in their careers. Thanks to Norma Moreno, an event producer at Good Intentions, Blair Cassuto, the social brand manager at Grey Goose and Paperwater, an artist/ producer duo we learned how to get our bags right.

Take away points from our discussion include:

  • Have an error-free pitch deck and provide as much information as possible
  • Create genuine relationships and align your brand with others seamlessly
  • It’s okay to take product based sponsorships, they lead to a bigger picture

If you’re interested in purchasing a full video of our discussion, please shoot us an email here.

Special thanks to our friends at Red Bull and Deep Eddy Vodka for supplying curated cocktails for the night

Photos by Nick Vega

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