With summer breakups past and cuffing season swiftly approaching, the ups and downs of love & life might have you feeling jaded. 

We feel you bae! As of late, we’ve been a little… emotionally unavailable.

Rnbae Collective’s show at Gramps Wynwood, last Friday night made us FEEL again! Around one-hundred and fifty of Bae’s finest crowded the purple stage, standing shoulder to shoulder for a view of a sold out night of magic. The evening’s master of ceremony, OhRawkC, entertained the crowd with her engaging anecdotes, and irrevocable introductions. Like the complimentary shots of Hennessy, sensual vibes flowed through Shirley’s theater and alongside it, the vocals of some pretty amazing talent.

Exclusive sets from Marlounsly, Hadar Adora, Morgan Bryson, and Ledoux & the Broken kept all the night’s guests swaying in time to the bliss of it all. Imagine a room full of your favorite folks, eyes wide shut, singing their hearts out to songs that touch the soul and spark an indescribable feeling.

This is what SOuLeD out looks like, this is where bae comes to vibe, this is Rnbae.

Photos by Lizzmatic

Published by Bonnie Walker

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