Video by Shayna-Raye Bernard

On Saturdays, we listen to R&B and on every second Saturday we listen at Gramps for our monthly day party #FeelsDay.

Summer is among us and while we’re all looking for an escape from the heat, the best way to do so is with an ice cold Bae Tears sangria from the bar. Baes gathered on the patio for a day of R&B, board and card games, cotton candy, and drinks. This Feels Day was hosted by The Anti Socialites and they kept the baes dancing on the dance floor. The vibe was easily set by our djs  Carli Nicholas, DJ Hottpants, D Jane and Kamari Esson  who effortless mixed throwback jams and new bangers all throughout the day. Join us next Feels day on July 8th and bring a bae.


Photos by: @ReynaNoriega_

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