When you hear the words  “open mic” you’re probably thinking one of three things: A shit show, unorganized, and an extremely long list of artist trying to perform the one song that will make them blow up. Because, we’re not here for any of that at RnBae Collective, we’re decided to make a change. We rounded up 10 of our favorite local R&B acts to put on a curated open mic experience for all the baes at Gramps Wynwood. Because its no fun getting on stage to sing our heart out and no one to truly give you any advice about it, we invited out friends Tony MC of Billboard/Vibe, Breeze of SlipNSlide Records and Cia of Valholla Entertainment to give vital feedback to the talent that graced the stage. Special thanks to our performers, Vanna Valentine, Drea Réal, Bianca Jade, Kimberly Millen, Valentino, Koleen Estrada, Jordan Parkins, INDIGO, Eric G and our DJ Illusion for giving us an unforgettable night of R&B.

*Special thanks to Jack Daniels for keeping the drinks flowing all night. Remember, drink responsibility!

Photos by Marcia Tucker

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