When you’re on the go with a small project, a USB drive comes in handy. For us, we opt to use branded USBs because they not only carry sultry R&B playlists and our Mixed Signals Mixtape, they bring a subtle branding opportunity to the table and we’ll never turn down the chance to make our mark.

Recently, we teamed up with USB Memory Direct at our Mixed Signals Listening Party to create the ideal RnBae Collective USB. These drives are 8GB, on their Tower model and feature the RnBae Collective logo on both sides. These particular USBs can range in wood finish and storage size, all available on their website. Our favorite part about these drives? The cap is magnetic making  the design sleek and the cap hard to lose. “That’s because wood pieces are perceived by clients and customers as higher value with a more permanent, substantial quality than similar plastic models – basically, wooden flash drives are totally trendy,” says USB Memory Direct.

We know you’re thinking, wow these are so great, they must have taken forever to make. USB Memory Direct can get the job done quicker than you expect. With a quick call or email, you can get a quote within 15 minutes and they also offer rush delivery.

These USBS are available free with a purchase from our shop and come equipped with our first Mixed Signals Mixtape featuring new releases from a few South Florida R&B Gems.

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