This Valentine’s Day, we’re not your baby girl.

We’re introducing our newest edition to the RnBae Collective merchandise line, the not your baby girl thong panty. This cotton thong is a no to catcalling. On the streets, in our DMs, at our job, we’re not having it. Catcalling creates an environment for women that promotes negative energy in the dating world. We’re taking control of communication to us, regardless of what we’re wearing – fully clothes or laced in one of our thongs. This collection features a cotton thong and a purple tee handprinted with “not your baby girl.”

This message stems from primarily my DMs. Now, I’ve had to keep the “reply to” feature off when it came to my stories on Instagram. No matter if I was on the beach in a bikini, on the way to a meeting fully clothed, in the studio, or eating with friends, men ┬ápromoted an uneasy feeling of communication and it was something unwanted. “Hey baby girl.” the same user would message me after every post on my story. It creeped me out. I’m positive I was doing nothing wrong but living my life, but it was always brutally interrupted by a stranger and his internet catcalling. After a few weeks of trying to ignore him, I finally replied: “I’m not your baby girl” and followed up with a block. No human deserves the right to put you in a place where communication is forced. You don’t owe anyone a response or even a look just to be polite. This year, take control of your communication. I’m not your baby girl. – Cristina Jerome

Designed by: Cristina Jerome
Shot by: Marcia Tucker
Styled by: The Wired Heart

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