Blu Line

Artist Management
Event Production
Branding and Development

Bluline, composed of brothers Dave and Rob Ruiz, bring traditional R&B and soul to life. As a boyband, the duo complements each other effortlessly, making playlist worthy music. Our agency managed the group’s day to day, revamped their branding for their artistry and produced an event to assist in the promotion of their project, In The Dark.


Ledoux and the Broken

Booking Management

After rebranding, Ledoux and the Broken serves an alternative pulse that is much needed in today’s music scene. We manage his booking while also pitching for local shows, private events, and festivals.



Event Production
One Sheet

Alternative R&B is not dead and with a touch of a rock influence, Drug provides a breath of fresh air. For his latest release, we produced a listening party at Sweat Records and created a one-sheet for future performances.


St. Loreto

Artist Consulting

As an artist, your main job is to create music, but sometimes, the direction is unclear. In an artist consulting session, St. Loreto gained insight on the pros and cons of his current marketing strategy and music direction.


Layomi The Tampa Baes

Social Media Management
One Sheet
Marketing and Branding

As new artists, starting from the beginning may be difficult but with proper branding and development, standing out is easy. We currently manage all of Layomi The Tampa Bae’s digital presence, created their landing page, reated a one-sheet for show pitching.


D Jane


A proper biography tells your story from your point of view, exactly how you want to tell it. We captured D Jane’s story from beginning to end and highlighted her accomplishments as a DJ.



PR Services

Creating music is just half the work, pitching it is key as well. We curated a target audience for Aleicia Nicole then pitched accordingly for shows, interviews, write-ups, and digital press for her first EP Violet Room.


Atlantic Records

Event Production

With a roster full of rising talent, Atlantic and RnBae partnered to create an experience during A3C festival. Not only did this event garner hundreds of eyeballs for the artists, but we also curated onsite interviews with each talent to create content that lives forever.



Event Curation

While most attend festivals for their favorite artists on the lineup, we worked with iiiPoints to create an onsite experience for their festival guests. For our slow dance room, we partnered with Strange Media to build out a room that contained sensual art and a DJ booth to give artists a one on one experience with bae.


Kay Bridges

Album Roll Out

Rolling out a body of work needs to be planned thoroughly and creatively. We worked with Kay Bridges to release her latest project Beautifully Broken on all platforms.

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