It’s safe to say that R&B doesn’t sound the same as it did 20 years ago and thats okay because the soulful sound we may have lost in the 1990s has been reborn into Tampa based artist Ari Chi. When it comes to R&B, passion is the key to great music and passion drives Ari’s latest project Color Fool. It brings out real emotions of love that may not reflect in her current love life, but can easily relate to any girl going through a roller coaster of a relationship.

Ari Chi pours her heart and soul into her project through story telling. From beginning to end, the album unravels the story of a girl slipping and falling in love from their meeting to the break up and self-realization that sometimes the life lesson is worth learning. ‘This will be very relatable because each song embodies a different emotion that every girl will go through at one point or another. I’m excited to see how this album will help people get through love and all that comes with it,” says Ari Chi.

“Color Fool is a story breaking down 8 emotions that we will all go through in our lives. Interest, Infatuation, Falling In Love, Self Doubt, Heartbreak, Healing, Forgiveness, and Closure,” says Ari Chi. She brings the stories of love to life through the phone conversations at the end of select tracks to bring listener along with her through her relationship. Although the relationship didn’t work out, she finds realization and strength in herself.

Color Fool sits at nine tracks long including an intro with no features allowing her music to speak for herself, but what she does ask is if you could be a color, which color would you be?




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