“Going all the way” with someone is special. It allows you to see them at their most vulnerable and paves the way to a “no judgement” zone between you and that special someone. When it comes to music, we create the same vibe. On our #GoAllTheWayWith series, we will give you an inside look at our favorite artists allowing you to go all the way with their music.

#GoAllTheWayWith: Bria Zhanae

When you think of the DMV, automatically go-go music pops in your head. You know, the bouncy dance pulse that’s rooted so deep into the culture of DC that rappers artists like Wale and GoldLink couldn’t help themselves when it came to incorporating it into their music. When it comes to DMV native Bria Zhanae, she took the soul route and it landed her into making love filled music that you can also slow grind to. Racking up Soundcloud plays is easy for her after working with Soulection’s Esta, but music wasn’t her first passion.

“I wanted to do so many things before deciding that I wanted make music,” says Bria Zhanae over the phone. “I wanted to be a chef. I wanted to go into cosmetology. I wanted to be a dancer. I wanted to do a lot of things,” she laughs.  While many of her career goals were up in the air, doing music on the side is something that stuck with her. After graduating high school, Bria moved to Orlando to attend Full Sail University at only 17-years-old. “I went to school for Music Business and Recording Arts,” says Bria. “But honestly, I learned more outside of school than in it.” It’s more than common for a craft to be taught outside of school when the Internet is so accessible. Places like Youtube and learning from a friend makes it easier to become a master of a craft.

To become a master and take her music to the next level, Bria dropped out of school. “I’m not disciplined enough for school and I didn’t want to waste time and money going there. I’ll be back when I know that I can dedicate the time to focus on school,” says Bria. Time flew while her popularity grew as she moved back home to the DMV and gained a buzz doing local shows. “Most of the shows in Maryland are hip hop shows and I always stood out because I was the only singer. I don’t mind the rap shows though because I always gave a soulful vibe and people gravitated towards because I was different,” says Bria. “Different” began to reflect in her music as she sung over rap beats about love and romance in a crowd full of hip hop heads.

Love became  Bria Zhanae’s favorite topic to write about. She quotes “Love is within everything around us” on her Genius.com profile allowing her fans to feel the love through her written lyrics. “I can talk about love forever,” says Bria Zhanae. “Everything we know is love. From nature, like the sun, moon and sky, to romantic love. A lot of people don’t realize that I’m a very emotional person. My mom always taught me self-love, so I make sure to spread it in my music,” says Bria.

Majority of Bria’s songs are about personal experiences and relationship stories that her friends have told her. “I can never get tired of writing about love in so many different ways because its authentic, like my music. There’s so many people that have never experienced love, so I take my fans on a journey to finding out what true love is starting with yourself,” says Bria.  Three of her latest singles from her from her latest EP Lost in Love reflect her views on love, heart break and more. While Bria has never had a boyfriend, she takes us a ride through self love, compassion and more through her music.



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