We can admit that Mondays suck. You’re late to work. You didn’t have time to make breakfast. Your clothes are wrinkled and you left bae in bed without that quickie they asked for. While we can’t feed you or iron your clothes, we can give you something to put you in the mood on the way home. Our #MakeLoveMondays list features new releases of R&B tracks that will put you in the mood for love. Every week, we will give you our staff picks of what you should be getting it on to:


This week, we’re making love to a handful of our favorite Kyle Dion’s singles and features as we get ready for our concert on September 21st. This playlist includes everything from throwbacks from his first EP “Sixes and Sevens” to features he tagged along with Kehlani and Austin Mahone to singles. We can’t forget our favorites from “Painting Sounds” his second release along with “Cool Side Of The Pillow,” his latest single. Press play and wrap it up.

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