RnBae Showcase May 2016

RnBae set the scene with R&B vibes by DJ Dreambillz for South Florida’s first all R&B showcase. With the lighting just right and white wine in her hand, you had a glimpse of bae enjoying the scene. Performances by Caleb Kai, Eyme XY, and Aleicia Nicole echoed throughout the venue, but all night you couldn’t keep your eyes off bae. She walked over to check out the hat display by ACC Miami, to check out a few jewels from ABA Jewels and t-shirts from Original Lavish. Your eyes shifted to every step she took. While you took time off from admiring bae for snacks at Cathy’s Sweets and admire Kangie’s art display, she took off into the night. As the lights came up and hosts Hartbreak and Crisdacat said their goodbyes, you realized she was gone. This is when you knew the RnBae Showcase is where bae comes to vibe.

Video by Simon Plummer

Photos by Foreverlostb

Published by Crisdacat


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